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Artist Roster 2015-2016

live & electronic bands - producers - DJs - jazz - urban
Kokako Music 
represents original artists to keep you going on the dance floor or surprise you with meticulous improvisation. We offer talent from several continents, specializing in hot new sounds from rich cultures:
Discovering, creating and sharing.

Availability Europe 2015
Summer: Palenke Soultribe, Chancha via Circuito, Akua Naru, Ljova, Maga Bo, DJ Daferwa

Europe Fall: Matuto, Sergio Krakowski Trio, Palenke Soultribe, Akua Naru

North America 2015
Palenke Soultribe on request + spring, Aug, Sept Mid West tour
Rafi El on request

For information about territory, availability and more, please click on the artists' photo's or get in touch.  

Dance floor Selection                                    Contemporary Roots


         Akua Naru
Palenke Soultribe                                          Akua Naru 
Colombian heat, with underground beat             Female hip-hop lyricist

chancha via circuito small3         MatutoChancha via Circuito                                     Matuto 
Futuristic folklore producer                               Brazilian Bluegrass Fiesta  

rafi el homeborder        sergiok bannerkm       
Rafi El                                                           Sergio Krakowski Trio
Shimmering beats n ancestral roots                  Contemporary pandeiro jazz

Daferwa         Maga Bo
Daferwa                                                         Maga Bo
Innovative Tropical Mash Up!                           Transnational Bass out of Brazil 


Kokako Music also with these artists for special projects: Arifa (NL), Tremor (Arg), Conjunto Angola 70, Yom (Fr), Ljova and The Koontraband (NYC).

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