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Artist Roster 2014-2015

Kokako Music represents original artists to keep you going on the dance floor or surprise you with meticulous improvisation.
From hot Colombian beats to quick syncopation on a klezmer clarinet, it's all about discovering, creating and sharing.

Our artists come from several continents, and Kokako Music books them in specific territories. Please check the individual artists for more info, or get in touch.  


         Akua Naru
Palenke Soultribe                                          Akua Naru 
Colombian heat, with underground beat             Female hip-hop lyricist

Matuto         CA70
Matuto                                                           Conjunto Angola 70
Brazilian Bluegrass Fiesta                               Guitar masters from Angola's golden age

Daferwa        Ljova
Daferwa                                                        Ljova & The Kontraband
Innovative Tropical Mash Up!                          Old Music, New Magic 

Maga Bo        Arifa
Maga Bo                                                      Arifa
Transnational Bass out of Brazil                     Bridging the Orient and the Occident

Tremor        yom
Tremor                                                         Yom
Digital folklore Buenos Aires style                  Unquenshable virtuose clarinet thrillseaker 

For more info about territory, availability and more, please click on the artist photo's.

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